Saturday, August 30, 2003

the choice becomes so lateral that most people forget it and go back, not over. over would be ascending the rules. to go around, sidestep, that would be conversation so bending in the intimate light and scale, with gravity as only a minor variance to comnsider, that the reduction to reference would be 'deadly', i.e. big. choice is free, but of course nothing really goes for nothing. people read in and retain a skirting definitiion. that is, the word was there, once, almost memorably. when the rational pulls together its wagons for the night, however, something else resumes the journey. or else, a picture like that remains, tho the picture may be wrought of breakable seizure of the sly fashion of shadowy interplay. or all other words, for that matter. when the aliens land, filling great stocks of books with generous tales of somewhere else, there is an oddball excitement. we are about to say something, says one person or another. because? because extent is a certainty sometimes (times like these). the aliens are well manufactured, having read reams of poetry and the microcosms that ensure. our discussion goes fluffy and filtered, and noise seems like an example.

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