Friday, August 29, 2003

dripping indication performs on the inside part of your political world (and mine), establishing a vain moiety within which there are little chicks and bunny rabbits, each one finely tuned and proving exegesis. when done with that, task being plenty, they surround an only coast, say to the left of great mountains. and this is a plan, for the world, itself, is round and baying. no one knows why the space aliens fit in such small boxes, tho interpretation could be the rascal. enough is poured over the situiation, loosening marginal examples that will tumble down the mountain in a simple exhaust exercise. fuel oil will pry open the delivery of scented action, which will go on for useful millennia, then 'help' will arrive. it is a blustery day full of decisions that gives this program a call. allowing the seeds to spread, knowing everyone. thus you asked for it, and so did I. it's not warm nor is it reason, just a battered difference put up with a log of isolation. and the crunch of numbers keeps people up at night, like that will help. the aliens are frankly astonished by the whole tableau. it reeks of temperature outside of the sun.

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