Friday, August 29, 2003

fence sentence was the scope as paying caught the attention, even in moutnain air. superb cityscape was distant and well lit, so that instructions could be read. in mountain air the surprise was reasonable, pulled from where you expect. no caution made limitation nice, for why should energy slow for the vast instant of stoppping here for an idea? nouns are definite, we all say, and we can use verbs like we use wine. other word types are articles of consideration, assaying something with a desert-like drill. pushed to seemly limits, there are vacations of words to let us part with. finally, there's an arid point at the end. and this narration includes all that is taught, distraught, finagled, gulled, sworn to and coloured. no doubt the aliens bind such effort with timely positioning and creative snap. we can argue for hours over such declaration, and finally settle for a cup of coffee. it is coffee that invents us, isn't it?

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