Saturday, August 23, 2003

Hume blossom in people react. in the morn of term, and rut of day for now. now is the view form, Hegel assigns. Hume instead or Kant or other resident. morning such, the trees are cool. for a day or so, every word contains the news. new alien report, in desert or where they ever. people told out of hope, or they were road. road to and from, for the weather is meaningful. the air is constrained, and ozone is above. above our network, where aliens are nature. sudden where we go, with too much to lift in the morning. too much is enough. the metal change hesitates, earth forces or other choices, as ever. victim of choice or choice of victim, when the plot thickens. thick characters like aliens, and the evil scientist, and the blowhard pol, and fear in public. pushed too hard into the moving frames until after the fashion of today, there is a sentence. each sentence needs a period, a commotion.

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