Thursday, August 28, 2003

inside the ardent space, such a
traffic of the featured
route including
beaming at Mars
for the recollection of
some fine spit of land, dust a result
of all that ocean, or shambling into
the street with a viable torture, now
defensible priest that
people tell of, uttering
in place, or
man falls asleep in a
public space or pants don't fit
the ass anymore or
bring yoiur kids along
or the shifting colours on
the surface of Boston
or hear warbling or closing
time at Cambridegeside Galleria
or springing away from MIT or
choose a street
or frogs in town or
asshole drivers
or no place to get a drink
or trying to focus
all at the festival that comes
or moments out of a series and
belonging to 'you'
much is

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