Thursday, August 28, 2003

known and built on a trump card called dead planet nurtured in stopgap while least front goes dismal like early warning and failsafe even as particulars turn into gross articles of confederation such as brings bolts of lightning into the address--staving off half of what the clerical error made known--struck to the quick on entry (the machine)--entire nations funk in minute

no rumour bettes clamming up, detour of rhythm from central point, go betweens name names, sentences fracture in weather near Profile Lake, stumbling internal order scuffs the soft endless network, peace in the kingdom is misplaced, choppers land on hardwood floors, days trick even the expression, shade of syntax lies close

chirps barleycorn, reflects marble,
trips fantastic, scours rugs,
looms embargo, creates hatching,
stubs forlorn, knows toads

doubles in emblem in the act of reading

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