Sunday, August 24, 2003

a shadow of deft pointed towards Dog Star, which is interesting. lights in the sky seem imaginable now. today is crusted with timely pour and cool as a cuke. good news! it levitates in the sort of argument we can support. the hungry country constrains another report, but there are other ways around. out of the stars burst whatever, ready to do. we can use this in an instant, telling everything. and the short jump across pools of dark matter won't hurt a bit. and when we are realigned, there will be something special brewing. top of the morning, then top of the noon, then afternoon, then top of the night. sorry if this all seems flighty, like a caboose dropped from wherever. the import of what aliens contain is nameless just now, but the buying public will cast its vote. be sure to apply your own spin to the body now in motion.

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