Sunday, August 31, 2003

[translated from piano dropped lightly in the rain]--the nether stone was held so hard, so heavy in lifting to the top of aint indeed inspected. time to look again, in the speed frequency, to tell time. looks hard to beat, suddenly piano on horizon. on it falls in river to come. inside the document the third word falls away. there never was a third word, and going on. in time the freaks all choose their service. buttressing engagement in the sharp reply to the dichotomy shift. a fallen ground swell speaks of public funds. the funds are 'there'. a navigation postures on a minute and time stoops over the body. the point comes to, again. an ended sentence stands there, situational ethics or the like. someone reads aloud or loosely, whichever is first. thirst, that is, begins with one word, read carefully. what can be more alien?

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