Sunday, August 31, 2003

trend initiation fooled round in the stream and left something, called a lot of things but never stayed put. put into gear in an expansive mood, nature of beast, but when darkness fell surprised by the news. news fell from the sky in literal doses of information. the mountain was cool, sure. too sure and people started nervous. started look and finally, there were results. the event was taming of the land, and the waters, and the legs and arms between. it was oil, and Idi Amin, and something standing for something else. it's so basic, commodious, and pictured with desert for effect. the desert itself isn't anyone important. importance isn't anyone. Ben Affleck drives into town most notable, bending steel with his bare eyes and nose and mouth. and bending still, along logical blessing, into newsfront, where death is an important adjunct to other lessons. a nation stuffs itself with pieces of flint, which could be used to bring sparks, or scrape documentation onto earthen walls. then the news is 'good', someone said. yes, it is planted, was the expert reply. people were words long ago, and remain in diction forever.

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