Tuesday, August 26, 2003

who resists falls over, and Beethoven's 9th wins again. that kind of resistance drips from cannisters and is the air in Nevada. perfect bumper crop of toxins or a 'situation' vis-avis the dreaded. whatever, it is talked about, a bit. it's the subject, when subjects are approved. meanwhile, the 9th, itself, churns familiar now. territory, as always. fighters for freedom are less free, in the certain sentence left to them. resistance is step at a time, and the condition lasts. take on the subject and object.

the aliens then, and again. that tiem when they wee tiny dots fo light in the horizon. and touching down in between radar exacting a nature of place on everything possible. the aliens are impossible, which constrains with a will. a story has to go up the pole, and then Ode to Joy rattles rafters from here to the end of rafters.

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