Wednesday, September 24, 2003

the aliens suggest 'this' is dear energy. they mean something that they brought or could offer. we are great, having invented aliens in the first place, and angels too, but we aren't sure what 'this' is. we need a cork for the wine bottle and something to eat. we need to love, using that as a platform for further. yet the alien thing here, atop mountain, in desert air, at night: we discern an interest and compelling. like a word offered over the shoulder, or a clarifying of static as quickly as an ant. dear energy itself sounds nice, like we could stay abed all day with a single kiss. facts must have brought us here, we stumble to realize, finally. it might be worth a bit of time, or maybe a brightly coloured map. we're reading what we write, and righting what we read, someone chuckles, trying to divulge a particular. it doesn't ring true but it presents a moment for us to spread colour lusciously. data will be with us until we get better clues.

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