Tuesday, September 16, 2003

arch component at eventide, tho romance wasn't born in every tune. the fending aliens look askance, at dramas filled with desert. lots of news employs little weasels, who are enough. suddenly, a ramrod stunt, a storming, and the execution becomes implied. who are we repealing, at this late date? furtive moves thru hayfields, that have gone all brown. the moves, that is, logically speaking. yet there is enough hay. we abound in it. we are rich and lovely, because of hay. we can choose and bend things. we can look detail, mild laugh, is there not pity enough? then an alien, sulkily and green, yet we aren't surprised. we are enough, finely tuned, and friends, you have got to believe. the network of 'change' fits into the sentence. the sentence seems merged, while twisting. it is enough to believe, in a whimsical time. the aliens are ready to launch.

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