Wednesday, September 24, 2003


when 'I' say fuck you, 'I' mean a gallop over stark hills. stark as the bite of a crayfish, say, lurking in the midnight air. fuck you, furthermore, means intention to decide the fate of little probabilities, like chiding children to believe, since this is a nation of believing. certainly 'I' feel very foreign in these parts, the climate of dull cave in. 'I' offer fuck you as a church falling into the sea, oops, or driving a plane across country. fuck you is a talent, a station of the cross, tho why must we be so cross? fuck you you dandy, fuck you you crook. the fuck you war is not just one desert outpost, and fuck you could be too close. okay, the aliens saw fuck you coming. why didn't we? 'I' even gallop over stark hills, isn't that a name of something? would a sentence be so bold? tell miraculous underpinning what staunch need you carry into the tourney, then relieve fuck you of duty. 'I' speak to myself with those words, 'you' can go fuck 'your' self.

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