Monday, September 22, 2003

Colloidal Sentence 

non-psychotic condition in aliens, who peek over the transom for light of day. day is a strange pungency, they arrive. their paltry rockets still beat ours, never falling into moons while favourite song plays. space includes much that can be numbered tho numbers themselves deceive. is the errant morning note as extreme as foreseen? is rhythm the best a sentence can do? why the eager need to shine, anyway? stars that burn forever cannot even fill our night sky. whither goes the light? you didn't ask, but the surrounding inventory is plain to assess. a pattern of conveyance, and the things people fear. that intensity of surveilance, of which we ask and more. more is the scheme: university gawk, track wrench, beam sweat, poem sog. rating bedevil in controled listening. finery repels finery in the great battle, far from plenary position. Hollywood barnstorm and petulant floppy treat agree. morass combustion while same old data tree munches companion rating. and there's more: circular radical surge cards, to inveigh in the muggy swamp. team play means winning in the envy gush. swap history for the moment stuff, with isolated champion talk. we have the budget tool needed in the now we remain. sure sure sure

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