Sunday, September 21, 2003

the day simplified with action. astonishment is a sentence born of clods, who dance in the ruddy rain and beg to be seen. in that impression, a livelihood, there is no evil--why should there be?-- tho there are worriers a-plenty. we're all dockets: we speak smoke, and rent, and poke, and snare, and rapt, and guide and all along. if there's a Star Wars to consider, implements of sanction and appease are ready made, like the hammy personification of our importance. we're trained to be like THIS, with questions tossed into language constant. of course, syntax can be traded with weight, or boiled down to a humouous dot, but this is no simple machine. the aliens are sick of justice, they've seen it misfire constantly. they see Vietnam as a practice field. our political heritage witnesses the same burning rat, an adjustment of virtual smell to ball up in the bold undertaking now being documented. everyone has a version, with density of cloud.

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