Saturday, September 13, 2003

detente was the word, and it ripped thru the empyrean. why it did so is not applicable. it was the result of star people, aliens as we know them. the aliens had a word, one single, and it was across the universe at a gallop. and light bent to show its nature, coolly, however. we looked at the sky full of unparticular stuff, and we trembled. that was a jolt or saying. then seeking a carefree memory to adapt to the present, we got lost in words. there was no breath. it was a night of even. sadly, one song left. sadly more did. children wanted to refine, but that was not possible. indications grew, and the terror. when everybody died, up to a certain number, and the mourning went to a conclusion, not likely, there was a stretch to make a dramatic turn. the turning was light, bending. it seemed appropriate, yet it seemed weak. we went on with our story, and the aliens brushed aside...

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