Saturday, September 27, 2003

hollyhock was revolution 

began I fought on both sides, just like you. the aliens aren't interested. they lost the sight of sides lo these many. many days are found in one trot out to the factory. the factory was told torture could have a reward. told who the POWs were, when Yalta talked. who were questions besides. I'm I'm back. I'm back from Acid Tests and back, backing up. right, like that could help. our back in the garden, wayside is great. I'm back from the French Consulate. killed off I'm back from Philadelphia. I'll be back from crashing into Saturn, words gave over. we listened to the outside, that was condition, and the sweat of jungles. the people moved along, triumph in the battle. the landscape took care of some, many. the cat is terrific in would be left to slave, to which we all agreed. we all took on that nature, that's the war in world. we fought parliament and we fought reign. there was hesitation in the garden. our worries were flirt with dazzling. we were dazzled in ready ways. back from Vietnam to predict that I'll be back from Afghanistan. I'm back from Iraq, and other time, trades the war. scramble the effect with just some effort on.

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