Thursday, September 18, 2003

in rendition of excellent morning, after the findings of yestreen and the withering glances that were certainly political hatchet jobs, the most certain of excuses like the buying of topics from other smart investors, meanwhile dripping with understanding, as cool as waking isolated yet sprung, that tune of treatise, the whole capable battering of developed surge over restless waters, all to prove exactly what?

a dynamism of approach, twittering with the fresh birds and anticipating every stark clearing, now cluttering the aisle with rebate, the chance to buy back the top, the politics of this very front, in which terrible deployment seems scanned for action yet deviates like dream canyon, if only we could try a better tactic

discernment is faint on these prodigy waves, which tangle us first of all, then deliver a summer back from some chancy reference, oh well, I am not the same name now

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