Friday, September 26, 2003

indicate scope today. mountaintop, where aliens look about, see long spaces called land. this is ardent con drain, cramp seeping, overdose longing, scrappy haymaker. a soldier was killed, scoop the Bien Dien Phu minute, fall of Fort Detroit, something. scud missile mapping display of world in co-conspirator daydream. poetry prods definite mayhem and turns a phrase. the aliens look at that. people made of mud and marsh. seven residents in a nursing home killed in a fire. shake hands with napalm. conspiracy to defraud, have a fantasy. skank dialogue movement discharge. other customers. the war was a human skeleton. what the aliens couldn't understand was the characters. was Dean Rusk Colin Powell? washed in something that went in time, and the aliens are no help. financial solutions to people in education. dot org. hi. the aliens were reliable for nothing we could do. we waited. they struck a deal. we faded. personal friendship with Kremlin leader. go it alone approach. the aliens are this outside, which sends shivers up and down. where did the future end? constructive compete for business. illicit weapons program, there will be universal condemnation if they. end quote.

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