Wednesday, September 17, 2003

a lift over curves in space. these start to confuse any who notice. approximate weight of any ant, or left from last offer, a tiny bold sight. but the sound is more rocklike, more meteoric, perhaps like distraction. last night, under the light of stray stars, escapees, then this morning, the function inside the sentence. but the sentence doesn't 'let go'. debate becomes impressive buy out, you should have 'heard' what BILL said to DALE, or similarly aligned 'places'. the gust of meaning is laughable, the aliens certainly tell us. we're stranded in a desert idea, which is fine for reading but a little stressful otherwise. space is 'overhead', as we believe. there is room elsewhere, more belief. final indignities are discussed into argument, paid for in direct actions, called words. words aren't everywhere exactly, thus a taste for saying children live better or an intention towards the sameness of named. difference is energy, or the least of our problems. pass one final post beside the road, the fence is down.

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