Thursday, September 25, 2003

Loretta Swit Meets an Alien 

the variables seem strange, arranged for the definite. tight evening sweats into night, to bring about change in condition. there's much to say, lifted sentences especially. underlings will thrill with the chance to smooth the dogmatic part of interaction. people have claimed many things but not all can live here in the rough desert. all things seem quiet, each mortal at rest. Loretta Swit from out of a special haze produces a matchless noun. it is her chance, the envy of verbs and trying times. there's something different here, connected to a political situation that has connected dots. who's your facvourite president, anyway? will you choose another, or trust the over/under? Loretta is toughminded, she was once in the public swell. can she engage with a Republican from Mars or Texas, or must she slug it out with Democrats from haze and reaction? choosy mothers choose Jif, as they used to say. the aliens go to the books, looking for 'Jif". what's the prognosis? Loretta was sex and refer and advantage and other names pinned on the wall. 1968 never had a chance. certainly there is something 'here' to look at.

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