Tuesday, September 23, 2003

once again satisfaction, like a foreign policy. effortless as creation, until it comes to sport. sport frequency allows a number of changes, then it's about the camel show. eager as the caravan to horizon, and clods of nature impacting some hard term. along such picture taking precincts there must be (tidally secure) a bunch who know. the aliens see this as a change in government, tho nothing so easy as that can be blessed in the eager minute now executed. are the terrific still here?, the aliens wonder, looking down at a familiar stew. observation can be a burden to bear, or just a bear rumbling thru trash. such bears are 'nuisances', but in this community, we listen to everything. the aliens are not churches, but they enjoy bright lights as do we all. shame could smooth some differences, and the network's electric charge may wear down, but there's always another day, and another night too. the chain reaction is very entertaining, as well the aliens know. they watch without rancour.

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