Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Put Down That Magazine Heritage 

rock of process, daily detergent. vent manager probes sky application, arrives at plus sequence. normalcy gambit makes sensation run, poem puts forth the face of it. it is an exact science of denial and loose, forwarding towards the engaged laughable trek to the can, where in simple numbers and diagrams and weighty things, troubled by almost anything, there can be a laundry list. then a scramble to the rich door, the bought out chair, the rubicund table, the nameplate floor, and furthermore. looser phrasings stiff arm the wall, and ignites sap, pleasing the ogle. while this indecent beginning goes on endlessly, someone chooses another name. by so doing, proud homage and bet you can't. you can, maybe, but dialogue trickles across the forage. flood zone, mop up duty, a dear tax on trusty old whatever. that position stirs memory and the push hard of signature. loses language in a minute, for the stars distract words. polar escape, equatorial balance on a night tipping, and arriving thus at this, which is straighter than average but not excused. space bends more subtly but none of us think we're in space. rational at the moment, then, like language.

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