Wednesday, September 03, 2003

a sky sort of green, let us say, the beginning of vitality. sure the eminent clouds are funk and spray, but honest day sports along. aliens of repute, from star clusters and assumption, bring a pax and paz, swift and deeming. we see punctuations slurring thru the action of night given over, and never wonder why the sky is black. it matters little, and elk roam into the range. antelope are answered with a swift white cloud that could hold terminal rain. the desert is delighted for moments at a time, while scattered townsfolk scuff along in the detail of dust. this is one beginning, a salient, a propelling gust that drives from the mountain in a jeep of any terrain. we like the idea, planted sanely in the lurch of this spell. what words will fill the moment left to us, as the shifty lyricism derives us to speak? are we looking for John Cage here? what of the effort to smooth death from the surface?. the aliens are always soft on instigation, having chummed around with cometary orbits and the bitter root of light. we can land in document, safe as you please, or rupture with the discussed fraction. are we all fractal at this late date? spent in the present text and context, there are further numbers for us to rehearse.

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