Wednesday, September 03, 2003

so the fire sale went on,
yah, and times, floods,
precincts filled with delight (local
news) and then, of course,
but faltering, little boy
sick, hospital,
yah, the effort to open
a dialogue or constancy,
of guilt, tired, well you
know, and serious vacation,
turning a phrase over and
what's underneath, serial
meaning, topic
sentence and then
describing a moment
amidst many myriad
tho mellow, barnstorming
tributes and
vaunted excuses, till we
see the mean, chirp of
frogs and crickets
into autumn
then rule change,
punning on
autumn cagey need, dwelling
short sentences
and excuses, who are we
as we converse such
as this?
tools of the
trade, the maven

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