Friday, September 26, 2003

Spent Taffetta 

quit claim stuff, and ardent to show. the band plays something melancholy while choice is decided. keep it within the hashmarks. advice spurts some proud avocation. booked into the drama tone, which is how poetry bends to the need of word in person. in person the word is something really unlikely. still, heartbeat is active add to the vending, sell a book. book as a claim, if you yearn in parts. book the numbers that add towards something hefted and weight. wait still, your 'turn'. the hearing concludes with doubt. doubt sees no Geneva Convention. doubt spoons more on, a habit. habitual integrity almost a plague. could go quiet anyWAY. something diffident when looking over the shoulder. speak facts as condition of trust. moan modest avuncular music. set out in prime, ignoring aliens outside. inside is the might.

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