Saturday, September 20, 2003

startling dimension labeled
usual. don't that
take the cake. but if that
cake could be
influenced to remain (special
documents, legal
franchising notes, certain
directives), wouldn't
there be an
examined fall
afternoon? suddenly
Pol Pot grew
from the trees (hi
I'm Pol Pot your
dictator and plot), and
people could
change. or when France
understood the slaughter
and invented USA
to ride the road to
further dark qualms, welcome
to South East Asia. it's the
next novel
thru trees, exciting
filming to the
top and bottom, with grey
days also to be
expected. furthermore
a triujmph of
civics, which presents
network as a way
to live (I love your
database), connected to
those who'll hear, same
day language
and pride. bandage is
lesser evil, when we
strive for
untold millions and
the coast smells
of a purpose called
oil spill. that coastal
reat will where we'll
leave the children
soon. now we're
scuttling the ship
but fear not, it's about
a future in which
those smooth bright
rockets carry us on,
burdenly on, to the sun's
next rise.

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