Saturday, September 20, 2003

strange in deviation, losing Mozart for the nonce, and staggered to hear that aliens landed. way back when, they arrived, such news. they took to Vegas and stopped clocks. they met talkative slot machines and gestures out of nowhere. how can they ever lose surprise? terrible resistance rises from the desert plains. what is death when time is forgetable? let bombers over Vietnam decide that question. the paddies are simple systems, like people. a sudden rain is knowing, like a cat cry. Mozart's gumption does not translate. the fighting is in a mathematical area that cannot be plundered. there's too much. a single bomb is a silence, mystical union with teh big nothing that votes hold at ready. napalm(r) is like the brother or sister who... and the stories pile into a station wagon and head off. off is globular, distinguished orb constant. remember that Nixon and Johnson lived and loved.

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