Thursday, September 25, 2003

they seem so desperate, because it is about 'children'. what beast exactly, that questions so, that is weak and so, in the attention deficit propped up rationally now. doctoral candidate growing in a tree. aliens discover this phenomenon, and salute. process is an abrupt conjuction of forces. oh yeah, vocalize the distinction. speed should go with us better. children take their time, outrageous and ingenious. the clever fall of footsteps on the floor, and points of light, by which to navigate. strange depth of night vision, thru the stars to, ghostly strange dreamy pointe. scatter diagram, about face in drama, so that college collects a sense of dabbling. straight ahead in the ritual slaughter, which is anger at the wayward dad or any other bolt from the blue. children are the mask we've become, trifles some swain expert. language was here yesterday. there are no 'dark' stars, only big bright burping gas bundles to burn your aftertaste. another treebound doctoral candidate shows another slick riposte to generation. the docket seems filled, great for howling.

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