Monday, September 15, 2003

they shoved the wall down. it was a mountain of rubble. it was words, gulfed into sentences. there was reason. a final shake of the head. a stern look, the wall come down. effort stood on all sides. someone spoke a tribute, or anger, whichever. the aliens took notes, as they can. 'we' looked at our handiwork. there are differences to attend to. names in the paper burn quietly, well! are we watchdogs, as the country seems so willing to tame? maybe. this isn't the trade route of teh radical sentences that we heard existed. this isn't poetry or the tribe itself. this is a day of rage or angle, the trust of energy. some oil magnate in the setting sun lifts desert high and dry. we all salute. we all piece together a story. this is ageless. the aliens take notes, as they can. day seems grey but the effect is rain.

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