Monday, September 08, 2003

this is a beautiful 'place', the people SAID. they MEANT that the document upon which they 'lived' sent them directly. they were downright and surprised at the EFFICACY and stirrups, that is, the ride with range ahead. you can DO this, the aliens imply, by night, thru the odd exactions, and thrice the noble ambition. so here we ARE, the people think, because Mars is a red dot there, and the MOON looks full enough to believe. other moments transcend the obvious. a nice thing shows roots and flower, like you. or me, even, when I am smoothly wellworded. for words, they stay in something, are alive. or life can be worded, not simply but as we go. a love poem, to live centuries, and by the voice of my, of all those who, until I am able to light. bright light, I mean, as of stars or WHAT.

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