Monday, October 27, 2003

botch prob 

well-traveled divergence meets positron language, secret agent talk. effort of poesis ramifies towards 'the centre'. go toward the light, workers of the whirled. the field starts with some words, okay? then poet function, right? then news as noise, or vice versa. present? there's always 'time'. shouting counts too. aliens are effective Spicer probes. you've been reading, luscious! we're all angels or selected. eventually community touch makes seer of all. all went, dumped in backwater effect, the ladder we articulate. those people are years ago, and the crying doesn't hurt. wilderness hurts when time is right. language jet scores the sky. the jet lands on perfect pillage. language guard doesn't endear exactly, but with feints. envious liaissons practice for the final. they want masterstroke. they want language in their head, without copies filtered to the best. they want what is selected. music isn't easy. it is a frame dunning program, chivying vanguard before which species lands a turd. coven for a while.

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