Monday, October 20, 2003

consecutive and idol like your snout, your class action embolism thru sheets of terrific mention in the cryptic, your fence moves mellow barnacles on the diode, clearing the math for more of you and yours, and the nation that invents Vietnam eats dry station, picks pulverized as a constant irritant, tricks leather with long howls of 'protest', meanwhile the blasters engage resolute posses, among which are huge fans of granted, but when their time is up, they move into the cave, within which, as sentences go, so goes this one, oh, it is just jealous destiny, you've written that before, and later, as the day stutters into the latter sentence (an illusion, of course), districts grope for explanation, heralds rush in, these had 'the word'. others scout out the new territory, so very human in odd but satisfying ways. we all belong in the toolbox, someone shouts with a burst of assertive behaviour to prove the gods wrong. well, the aliens liked that, sure enough.

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