Sunday, October 12, 2003

envy ranger 

the sameness mushes in, preparation and envy, local news that beats. then insolent rain, the kind that, when underlined, the 'people' pull into wildly. let me be more specific: a car, edging towards distinction, peopled, then there's something dramatic, life going something something whole, then cutting across a petulant field, then arresting a space in time, then feeling rather strange. time warp, alien-style: no biggie. the 'people' realize lariat, or gosh, or perambulator: whatever comes thru this language has been somewhere, everyone knows that. and buying time, for the final onslaught (a quick snort). the 'people' page the district, hoping for, but more mildly inspired. inventively, a new season will come to impair, blurring vision, and there is so much more. 'you' could try to stay even with syntax, or give in to whatever torment. the register awaits you. the aliens watch for any clue.

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