Friday, October 31, 2003

hearin' West Virginia 

relief is a page system and here is the jungle. spooks prevail, reworking dialogue. sudden Iraqi turn, the infolding makes more: hidden ultra control post. how is it national, in plates of strong dealing? the word shaft flings, and big sentence structure conquers in mites. minutes, too, are piercingly natural, like slay the dragon contest, in ports near your town. then range finding language fills up distance for a natural world. your turn provokes my turn, as everyone sits in. robust beat, and harmony swells over the horizon. now that's a tsunami, register as such. register also as made, with a bomb expert sternness. cheap autumn colours and cheap autumn chill and bury the dead. the dead can dance, as is said, but we aren't supplied merry for this sentence. thus sentence is as new as vacation: you know what that means. the Vatican remains sullen, wanting the Lord's Prayer back in the worst way. invention: the worst way. but hope exists, or grass, or a piper at dawn filling up a rostrum. something strums the native inheritance, which is jungle fever, villagers ready to defend. the vote soon will collapse, your favourite ready as any. collapse is the political party. give in tones have harmonic havoc to play in rich earth or we go home. home like a flint struck. the sentence is a state.

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