Tuesday, October 28, 2003

here's the raygun you mentioned, said one voice, testing the waters. the raygun was sleek, as you'd expect. years passed into dimes, and courage looked for work. the nation was invented in language, framed just so. when the aliens ran ahead of us, inventing rayguns and such, we could only terminate. a period, that is, that finalizes the sentence's 'thought'. we have much to say, we think we should say. and if the raygun is like a president, with all jokes intact, can we go home lately? driven to a peak, told something new, rising to the occasion, and look: the Democrats, whoever they are, caved in at the first chance. nations are built on pudding. rayguns regulate the flow of pudding . the test of rayguns is a response to world crises, or pudding. after a hard day, you want your raygun and your pudding. when there are vowels placed where consonants should be, rise to clamourous archaic great news! the peace of fronting in the very word choice left behind. all together, friction. the test begets firm resolution regarding narrative implant, rayguns and pudding. curious.

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