Monday, October 27, 2003

intense as degrees weigh in grey clouds, sapping clotheslines full of something thought about, time theory radiating renaissance, gathers steams for once, the many that are left refer to moments lasting until time, time itself rewards nodes on the same sphere, purposeful quiet in droplets, all that is wet will someday be dry,

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution reads like fill in the blank, reads like autumn sunset like cat cry like crud and dearth patiently like examine like fairest like mango song like bagpipe at dawn like suds and flop, affirmation cycling in one piece of legislative rundown, to the edge of the pier and flood means,

race to grey, inside throb pulls Gulf of Tonkin event, anything sound familiar? the itch porter collapses,

ships of the line, of the arc and circling, in melt of ray toward lasting, remember Guns N Roses children at discounted rates


wiggle in this alien beat

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