Saturday, October 11, 2003

listen my friends 

lump consideration plumps on mountainside of green fought for, and that ratio story opens big claims, destiny muck runs off, forests politely removed, and in different statutes live a people, easily eroded exactions and treble counted bolt, yet overmuch the eerie thru gunshy, trees that process and land that holds, buttered up and political football, all requirements fester on the drop, which is long and spatial, so crazed as to accept pity from the little that remains, this is equalled Vietnam or Iraq or any other choice in the springing resistance pattern of crumb, busted something and illusion throng, on the outs with weights, but the 'people' fine specimen, truckloads and trainloads and cavalier carpools to the end of flood and fill in demand, the aliens remain pretty

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