Sunday, October 12, 2003

lopping party 

touch placement, for a candid second. alien knows that instant comes. such sport but only when you look over the field decisively, or some just figure kind to minimums. lethal stretching maintains the archetype gambit, then mounts the nearest hill for a view of 'it all'. spell breaks with more sun than could be figured. the imagination claims a few roods. an irresistible political falling remains on the bland length of land that has been claimed. 'the people', mocked indefinitely, rear up in consultation if not actual rebuke. they are warned or abridged, their status in the closure of a langauge as small as muster could make. fake energy relies on perpetual reap while closing doors satisfy with junked cars and apt analogy. the gone comes thru. there are ramparts to storm, and barn doors to nowhere. saltarello speaks over dying gesture, a plodding countenance and tax incentive. ripped up alien action in skill sky, in Star Wars movie flop, in tender aggregation, in rain and plough up, in rent control over seasons, in chop heaving loose and more than can be comprised with wet earth dying. the hale beguile us, tender tremendous or at length for the seed of definition in a memory field.

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