Tuesday, October 21, 2003

mood lump your choice 

chuck driven into the river, it's a possible hack contributing long sentences to longer paragraphs and what are we here for? arise betimes with flowers or mirth, flood the gantry with something well-fueled, power up the glide fiction and try at for moistened flutter of visual deed, people this and that as far as bunting can survive, and the nodding demographics says hey! smudging difference nicely but still yelling, we're climate-controlled here, say the people in their vast undertaking (again), the political storm softens to a mulling destitute of parking seizures, the folks are blamed of tired but this doesn't excuse Idi Amin or any other tributary, rivers are mighty out west not here, and the candidness of ambition doesn't dilute its slot, we've called the aliens in for consultation and nifty biscuits, quit-rent stands in the distance, as also embargo, the toy of children when the grownups play mean, aliens sit in trees and take notes, a person hands over the keys, science says flight is 'possible', are you a feature of this too? let's explain saucers to someone underground, and time will pass

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