Sunday, October 26, 2003

ontology defibrillation course stems dabbing while worth poets start conquer nameplate. buttonhole stymie moves loopy particles for sending drastic tang. fight on poet fever street, oblate speaking balloon that hauls off and... Jersey shore distance typical of all distances. saturated rating squad typical of rating squads. movement of peace movement typical of peace movement. shameful Princess Diana, the match struck gold. portions were recorded. snap tosses the switches, the safety of muttering. in bonds of the clearing, in which in a language typical of language the speakers were ready to haze. in a verity there were rafts. afloat as easy as the ocean allows, Jersey shore or any other, memory comes thru clean. there were people there. there were people in West Virginia. there was new American poetry. that people are lined up is not enough. scratches on the wall are not enough. pressed to advantage typical of advantage is not enough. real rockets roam past sentries.

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