Thursday, October 23, 2003

the rockets land sullenly, with world trade centre as attention. the rockets are friendly, by means, and claim nothing within sphere of influence. all is marvelous, and dictatorship, and a slight. the rockets participate, and we enter that. there's a door, it's a policy. trains enter the earth, we drive. a music is culled from air: Coltrane lives or the lives of everyone matter. there is participation in words, everyone agrees. a forest waits to churn. forces collect forces, and we are all doggerel. remember the Philippines, for instance, or downtown anywhere. traffic equates with something that scares children, power in verse. verse itself is ages old, needs a tune up. participation claims freinds. rockets enter the atmosphere, sullen with love. rockets love in landing, just as well as sailing into every breach. contests mean heaven, or haven, when we are all particular. we pass strange comments to aliens, and the aliens judge. notice our animalistic words, fractured and tinted. the rockets stick to us, with us, in us. we participate. each donation goes 'a long way'. a clearing, or a hearing, ready for a sentence. the aliens are fresh, while we are almost constant. we gathered to read about Suharto today (the year of leaving dangerously), or just some service to the nation. the rockets need us, and we can be sentries. see? there is no fiction left. we gave all we had to the children.

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