Tuesday, October 14, 2003

skid thru the area carefully, for the purpose of a wet new world. at this world, derived from good clean chemicals, a most unsavoury faction developes. it's got big ideas. someone's waiting for the rematch. power to the 'people' and if that works, there is daylight falling thru the sky. we can all be patient, while things start rolling. the aliens work for us, don't they? or couldn't they if they don't? let them rustle up government, or governing features. it could make you blind, if not beautiful. you could use your power of insolence or excavation to change things. you could or smell bad. or fall out. or float, even. it's process turned into creature comfort. a shadow of governed program. prowling the fitful hills for an astonished ballad full of scary notions. trenches in the way: you leap over. moat around the castle: that's politics. people say furthermore, and that is probably enough.

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