Saturday, October 25, 2003

some structures resist, definitive
crosses to realm of pouring,
the last rain in decency, brush with
information and telling, the screw turns
gathering, finding matter
purposed, dangling clear of last
right, moved over a term and
placed just so, squired by
dictation and
those who write the
reports, possible
mayhem as a present
tool, push league, sparse
meaning clock, lent maze,
pushed and pushed, that Idi
Amin, that Pol Pot, that
Suharto, that
function of Central
yours and mine, that
finesse and deadly
over, that cover and
preyed, that
much of the
'story', blocked
monster in script, radical
poet fronting, spurn razor
collusion, process document
sent to breach, breach means,
bastion frame, ambition
frame, constancy frame, lump
frame, the shattered giver
smokes out torpour
for a toke, length of season in
deliberation, radical
poet in power,
lop power, structure power,
rhythm power and word
function, friction matter
in digging store,
enough is possible
in lauded orb, viewed 'from
above' the place seems
belted and smothered,
tactile turn, the aliens
average the distance
already made
and finalize
another smudge of
our exact idea,
just as we

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