Thursday, October 09, 2003


in this last juice, in this rhythm, in this pointing at the fire, in this red all over, in this speak and stay, in this love and land, in this present, in this scooting past, in this sly and trailing, in this dangling are you own, in this speed of light transition, in this spook and take and veer, in this laugh and little, in this rhythm culled and bare, in this as was word, in this as is shoe, in this and then daylight, after roaming, after calling, after red and white, after blue and moaning, after tribute and tines, after is a schedule, after is a plum, after is these or those, after sends a ball, after that the ball is cool, sunlit, traded in tree shadow and green, skilled, touching peace and preamble, here is more, or less, a vantage poured on hillside, loving to the last

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