Saturday, November 08, 2003

all ways wrong 

the cat tears into Ostrogoth, and the field looks excelled. notion of tedium plop writes poetry on colour stream theory? now out of the campaign, which senator caved in most viably today? the yen for correction in startled compunction, and it's all about the career in assault. America as a wet thing upon which so much slides. dialogue grows into swelled function. the most savvy of aliens lands on the trick, the age of Cats. here Cat strides to Ostrogoth remnant, and puts predate upon the meld. for quiet and a long situation glows over the domicile, everyone wants time to sleep. nether rage molds earning delivery, that will be writ up large and spite, the growing of national interest. it's terrific to see a villager still have legs and arms. pelts come fresh. raids on meaning steam constancy, so that, when we engage, the nation learns reckless abandon. everyone wants to dance with trill, for the screen remarks upon our our juggernaut. each paves a wherever but this history stops with the glad advertisement. some flying saucers seriously mess up everything, so that work comes to naught. we're big children, we can do our own, but reach closer, across the table, a hand sport, to say something while there's time, and the pressure of bending space. some people arrive at the conclusion, or tool across the countryside. either span of difference looks like luck.

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