Wednesday, November 05, 2003

the daring mention the
daring brightness
a collaboration with moon
over terms of agreement
sent to the front
imagining something
splendid in a
village loss like father
in a drift of pieces
determined by
pictures until
execute files resemble
soft return
to a base and
child fond and soothe
bringing lyrical light
upon a distraction
which the aliens
and tremendous
in distance took
on a calling and
loose pilfer
of language from
the mud
into straining into
round and glow and
certain features
of divining as we
write together
or apart
but more that
the goods in
the sentence
refer to a
time or shape
of stories as
we go narrative
tho form is
itself formless
by virtue of
mutable bringing
grass into a solo
and bothered
oak leaves and sun
light on a hillside
remembered till
forgotten but
always named
Vivaldi revolving
strict tempo and
patience waiting
for signs among the
or cloven or
horse sense in
a day
the weathervane
the weathervane

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