Friday, November 07, 2003

Format Prairie 

spectral challenge versus astral rebuff,
some folks are intimidated,
and that's before things went
really crazy:

and so the blasts represent a position?

gratuitous leap

and the 'courage' of the people survives?

with piecemeal intent

then oceans must boil fractiously, such a showboat concern splattered across the national scene

significantly, and often interchanged

we bend and bold as the day riles its momentum

yes, and desperation puts everyone on the list

but the party goes on, Khe Sang or devasted Hue, or children in Bagdadh with elvish glee to sing of certainty as the best report. the people talk. considerations mulct for principle, turned loose. a fire sits on the hillside, reported vigourous. now a haze sets in. tremendous beat. give up finds a lone rampant, pulled moose from over station. nuclear trees division of interest express. better off dead, incorporated. "will vote Republican for food" as Daniel Davidson's signage proclaimed. a pious Exacto knife known as history, stolen stuff was best one day.

church menace

fraction rebate

people warren

endless surfer

hole contribution

sinking feeling

but how do we realize our vast indifference, blahblahblah?

the peace that becometh piecemeal

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