Thursday, November 06, 2003

History of Steeleye Span 

chose name and splayed out, circa 1704, or the day John Locke died. bought electric intruments and talked to sternness, all the time weighing in on something else. Maddy Prior sings of a thing turned over. Tim Hart fields a question, and Ashley Hutchings was 'Tyger' on the football field. years turn. Martin Carthy once ran home with a new song, it was 700 if a day. the dulcimer goes here. everyone knew about Tam Lin, it was thunder and a day. Hutchings moves on, Carthy redecides. Bob Johnson and Rick Kemp are part. tell you something with more electric and it. something. stomp down here. almost forgot Peter Knight, classicallly trained you know. more years, more everything. the less form go off with dusty things. suddenly. such as can be, Gaudete. and then one day, and then another. drums were late but drove home. the history of jazz is just history. when the aliens report home, they will have particle theory all to their own.

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