Friday, November 14, 2003

insert rich kid here 

dim in tray, upon divan whereat, thunderstruck and Angus Young, now we are kids:

playground dynamite, the people of the various, tune smith, tune everyone, crawl space:

rabid eye movement, screen defers, Angus Young as train:

inexacto knife and once my pard, we thrummed the pages, strum whatever leftover, Angus Young is town:

redial imagination, consider links, Angus Young on Wall Street as unwilling pirate preparation:

the train hits the station, smack dawn:

clamp factory, rhythm of speech, a Picasso picture at full tilt, Angus Young in space:

inner space, where there's room:

Angus Young once a perception, once a town:

king or queen of 'it': when you franchise::


worthy hood::::

sports logic and in detriment town:::::

Angus Young at a beat, timely meat::::::

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: again ;;;;;;;;

going gong Angus Young:


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